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Thursday; December 5

I am not sure when the problem began, but have you noticed how often Christians perceive our approval rating as an accurate measure of how things are going?  There is a philosophy being toss around out there that if we get enough people to think the same way we think that Christianity will return to prominence.  Often, this concept is built on a belief that if we can get the right party in power ... or we can get enough of the cool influential people to think like we do ... or if we could just make our doctrine relevant, the world will make a switch and we will have a Christian majority.  In essence, if we can just tip the scales in our direction, there would be a surge of discipleship.  While I applaud a desire to want to grow and hope for an international spiritual resurgence, we need to remember that this is not what has been promised to the Christian movement.  Jesus realized His ministry was demanding and would not necessarily appeal to those who were not serious about …