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Tuesday; November 12

In his book, “Christians In The Age Of Outrage”, Ed Stetzer considers the influence Christians have in the world by taking a look at how Christians live their lives.  As a part of the book, Stetzer sets out to describe various types of “Christians” in the modern world.  Among his categories of Christians are: 1.  Cultural Christians – Some people self-identify as Christians because were born in a historically Christian country and they really don’t fit in any of the other major religious groups. 2.  Congregational Christians – These people may not have a vibrant faith, but they retain some connection to a congregation (a Christian home church).  They typically attend this church during the more “religious” times of year or for the occasional wedding or funeral. 3.  Convictional Christians – These folks readily identify as Christians and are decidedly more religious than the other sub-categories.  They are more likely to go to church regularly, live values that align with Bible-based Chr…