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Thursday; December 7

December 7, 1941 was more than a date that will live in infamy – it was a day that changed the history of our modern world.  For months prior to the Japanese bombing of the U. S. Navy fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii our leaders had been trying to figure out what to do on the international fronts.  Asian and European countries were embroiled in bitter battles – but on that day, the war came home to us and it was decided that we had to do something. As our nation remembers this date in history it might be a good time to reflect on our spiritual battles.  It is easy to sit on the sidelines and watch as our lives pass by, but eventually something will happen that will bring us to a tipping point.  We must either gather our resolve to do battle with the adversary or allow it to overwhelm and overcome us.  Have we reached a point when we must make a choice about what to do with a personal temptation?  Do we have an addiction that has been exerting control over us for too long? Is there a commu…