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Monday; March 4

In his book “Church Inside Out” Timothy Archer advocates that we should take a bit of a different look at how the church approaches evangelism in our modern society.In one section of the book he notes, “Often God calls us to ministry through irritation.That is, we see something that bothers us.We notice something that isn’t right or something that should be done differently.Far too often, that moves us to anger, to criticism, or to compliant.What it should do is move us to action.”.As I read Mr. Archer’s thoughts I immediately felt a connection.It is very easy for us to see things that bother us – that make us fuss and whine.I can relate to the feeling that if I get irritated enough that these things exist and vowing to make people’s lives miserable until someone does something about I have done my job.While this philosophy might have an appearance of being noble, it isn’t the people who complain that make a difference, that is reserved for those who feel compelled fix the issue.Fussi…