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Monday; March 26

The events of the last few weeks remind us that life is uncertain.We might be cruising along one minute, then embroiled in emotional crisis the next.We need to be alert to the dangers that may be lurking around us. While this observation is obvious when it comes to personal protection, it is also true when it comes to our good reputation.We can spend years building up a good name for ourselves, then in the failure of one moment we can lose it all.We can invest a lifetime in good will, but it can all be lost in one mistake.Sure, people might forgive us for our missteps, but the road to the restoration of trust can be long and winding. Let’s be alert to those situations where we might be tempted to fall into immorality or improper behavior.Yes, it can happen anytime, but there are some times we find ourselves susceptible than others.It can happen when we are emotionally drained.We can find ourselves vulnerable due to the sordid relationships we develop.It can also happen to us when we are…