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Friday; August 2

I wish I could say that it is easy to like everyone, but we all know that isn’t true.There are some people who just aren’t very likable and others hold beliefs that are in such conflict with ours that we find it hard to be civil to each other.Some people are abusive to us and others belittle those things we hold dear.Let’s face it, there are just some people we don’t like! Okay, now that we have established this fact, what do we do with it?Sure there are people with whom we are going to have issues, does that mean that we have the ability to treat them any different than others – even when we can prove that we are right and they are wrong?Can we justify treating them with any less dignity than those we respect? If there ever was a person who was mistreated, it was Jesus.People bad-mouthed Him, lied about Him, called Him bad names – and they even killed Him.Yet, He set the standard for treating others with respect.Fortunately, to help us from making excuses for our behavior, He made resp…