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Tuesday; January 7

A couple days ago Jeane made a statement that was not only true, it was quite catchy.During a conversation about our lifestyle she noted, “Activity begets activity”.While this quip can be accepted for its accuracy on the surface, it is also true as a philosophy of life.It seems like the more we do, the more likely we are to do more things.Activity tends to build positive inertia.While this statement is correct, it also seems to produce a mirrored reflection – inactivity begets inactivity.In other words, the less we do, the less we want to do.I have noticed this declining principle in a couple places in my life:First, as it has to do with sitting on the couch watching TV or surfing the ‘net.The more time I spend in this type of inactivity, the easier it is to do nothing.The other way this shows up in my life is when it comes to reaching out into the church or the community to do good works.When I get into the habit of not doing things, it is easier to continue doing less until I find m…