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Wednesday; August 23

I don’t know how many of you face this challenge, but every-once-in-a-while I will experience a near miss and, rather than being thankful, I will begin to obsess about what COULD have happened.  Maybe it was unintentionally running through a stop sign – then realizing it and fretting about either getting caught or getting killed.  It could be leaving the door unlocked and while finding everything still safe and secure we begin to worry about might have happened to our stuff if a thief would have discovered our mistake.  It might even be turning a project in late – and even after the boss accepts the assignment and our apology we are concerned about what she really thinks about us and the damage that could have been done to our reputation (not to mention our employment status).  In essence, rather than appreciating the fact that we have dodged a bullet we beat ourselves over the head until we feel worse than we could (or should).           Again, there may be some of you who f…