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Friday; March 15

One of the troubling things I have found in today’s society might be called the “polarization phenomena”.I am sure there is some other name for it, but it is a belief that to be true to our commitments we have to fervently choose one side or the other.Through the years we have seen this in our sports teams (we like all of “our” players and will defend them no matter how poorly they perform or how bad they act), but this type of mindset has crept into more important things such as political agendas and moral beliefs.The only way we can be true to our core beliefs is if we completely accept everyone who stands with us and shun anyone who isn’t as committed (radical) as our group.For example, all liberals are good and all conservatives are bad (or visa-versa).As such, only certain news networks are truthful, only certain spokespeople are reputable, only certain political parties (or sub-parties) are worthwhile.Another example is that only those who completely take a hardline stance on my…