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Monday; December 17

One of the best ways to get along with others is to be able to see things through their perspective.  This sounds good, but how do we go about doing that?  No two people think the same way, nor do we really have the ability to “walk a mile in their shoes”.  So, how can we come to appreciate their point of view – here are a few thoughts: 1)  Watch for the priorities in their life.  Do they take a “legalistic” stance on issues or are they more apt to see issues through the lenses of mercy?  We don’t have to agree with their perspective, but understanding what makes them tick can help us find common grounds. 2)  Ask them about their lives.  We are fashioned by nature and nurture.  While people are shaped by their emotional and educational growth, our environment has a lot to do with our preferences and perspectives.  The more we learn about someone’s past influences, the better we will be able to understand how they got to where they are – and how they perceive where they should be going. …