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Tuesday; August 15

What defines us?  Have you ever made a mistake – something that was an exception rather than the rule?  Have you ever done something aberrant that was just out of character?  Of course, we all have.  How would if feel if a judgment was formed based upon these few moments of indiscretion?  We don’t want to be assessed merely by a moment of failure, we would much rather be viewed within the context of a lifetime of work. It is easy to judge portions of our society based upon the exceptional circumstances.  Do we find ourselves afraid of other groups because of the voices or the actions of militants?  Do we assume that they speak for the masses or do we see them for what they are – a loud, disgruntled, self-serving minority?    While it may seem simpler to believe that everyone from a certain race, political party or religious group has the same mindset as a few radicals bent on causing trouble or spewing false values there is far more value found in sitting down and getting to know indiv…