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Friday; January 10

One of the most important aspects of leadership is accountability.If we are going to help people become the best they can be, we must be willing to take on the responsibility of helping them live up to their potential and promises.Over the last several years, leaders have accepted the difficult (but valuable) role of answerability. Now, having said that, there is something else that is an important part of leadership – celebration.Just as we need to help people be accountable for their choices, we also need to praise them for the ones they get correct.Accountability is more than disciplining people for their failures, it is lauding them when they do well.Whether it is an employer who gives a bonus, a mentor who publicly praises, a parent who gives their child a smile and hug or a teacher who prominently displays a perfect assignment on the board, we need to celebrate victories and achievements.A leader who is quick with discipline might get results through fear, but one who celebrates…