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Thursday; November 2

Our world if filled with time-saving devices.  When I look back at the amount of time it used to take to do some common tasks such as boil water, wash the car, sign onto the internet or mow the grass I am thankful that we live in today’s technological and mechanical age.  Yet, if we would really like to save time, there is another tool that is vital – our brains.  By using wisdom and common sense we can save a lot of time and heartache.  Just think about how seamless our relationships would be if we used our wisdom to avoid making a harsh comment to our spouse (and spending all that time arguing, justifying or apologizing).  Imagine how much time we could save by not having to undo the negative publicity for making a crude comment in the office.  How much free time would we have if we used our good judgement to avoid bad choices or stay out of the wrong places at the wrong times?  How carefree would our lives be if we did the right thing in the beginning!           There are always con…