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Friday; March 23

What would you do if you were invited to an intimate evening with the governor?Honestly, most of us would get excited if we had the chance to just be in the same building with our governor, but can you imagine getting a call asking us to join them for some personal time?We probably would be just as happy if we were invited to a semi-private gathering with several dozen other people in the governor’s residence.Can you imagine the excitement leading up to the event – we’d probably even go out and buy a new suit.What would it be like standing outside in line visiting with others who were invited to the same gathering?Wouldn’t it be exciting chatting with others who shared the same type of eager anticipation?We’d probably arrive early and defend our place at the beginning of the line.Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the chance to get up-close-and-personal with someone so powerful, so famous, so important? What are we doing with our invitation to join in fellowship and worship with our Lord…