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Monday; December 24

What could happen if we lived everyday like it was Christmas week?Would there be less fighting because we are more tolerant of people?Would there be less homelessness because people are more giving?Would there be less godlessness because people are more religious?Just how would the world change if we lived every week like it was the end of December?Maybe a more important questions is how would I change if I lived every day of my life like it was the holiday season?Alas, we will never know because people can’t do that or, wait a minute – is it because people won’t choose to do it?There is nothing mystical or magical about the days this time of year – the thing that is different is our attitude, we choose to be different!So, if we can choose to be better this time of year, why don’t we choose to be better all times of year? I like the holiday season because it does seem to be a more joyous time of year.Even with all the stress of traveling, high expectations, disrupted schedules and fami…