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Tuesday; April 9

There is a lot of discussion in today’s world about making good investments.  While some of the talk has to do with financial investments, most of it refers to other things such as infrastructure, safety and security and education.  Yet, there is one place where this is often overlooked – in raising our children.  Yes, we do a good job of protecting our children from harm, but do we do as a good a job in raising our children to be strong, productive members of society?  As parents, we can be ferocious when it comes to defending and advocating for our children, but at what cost?  Protecting our children should not include hiding them from accountability, rather by building a foundation on responsibility, values and development we genuinely invest in their future as productive adults.           Frederick Douglass is quoted as saying, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”.  Strength does not come from withholding discipline, it comes from applying it…