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Friday; December 15

A school shooting in New Mexico … a bombing in New York … a random serial killer in Florida – yes, it is a violent world!  These headlines from the last few weeks are just the tip of the ice burg from one of the most civilized nations in the world.  This doesn’t even take into account the accidents that have taken lives during the same period of time.  The truth of the matter is that this can be a scary place.  I believe we are all in agreement on that point, the question is what can be done about it?  In years past there might have been a belief that someone could keep us safe – whether it was the local cop on the beat, a big burley family member or the forces of our government, but we may even be losing hope in those defenses.  Much of today’s emphasis is on advocating for our own personal safety.  Whether it is self-defense classes, firearm possession or just knowing what to do during crisis situations, many people are taking responsibility for themselves.  While this is all well a…