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Thursday; January 17

When I was shoveling the snow out of my driveway last weekend I realized something – I have gotten soft!  For the better part of thirty years I lived in some pretty cold places (often without benefit of a snowblower) and got used to moving snow … I mean LOTS of snow in some pretty extreme conditions.  Having spent most of my childhood years in Florida, it wasn’t as if I inherited a snow shoveling gene or grew up learning and loving snow removal, but as the years progressed I just got used to it.  By the time I left Wyoming a few years ago, being around snow was just no big deal.  Now I fuss and whine at a couple inches of snow!           While getting used to something can be a blessing, I think it can also be a curse.  Have you ever thought about how much immoral and carnal stuff we have “gotten used to” in our lives?  No, the world has never been a pure place and has always had to deal with immorality, but it does seem that fewer things tend to bother us.  It is almost like…