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Tuesday; October 2

One word that conjures up an emotional response is “victim”.For some, the word provides a rationale for their present circumstance while others refuse to refer to themselves as victims because that don’t want that to define them.In some discussions people question a person’s victim-status because they were complicit in the circumstances that caused them injury.No matter how we use the word – at least on a surface level – few of us relish the chance to become a victim of anything. As I pondered the term “victim” I began thinking about it from a perspective of sin.How many of us are victims of the sin in our life?How many of us have made Jesus a victim by putting Him on the cross?Now, while there might be some logic in the preceding statements, I am not sure that “victim” accurately describes sin.You see, we are not victims of satan because we know full well that we are willingly walking into his trap.We are complicit with him in our fall.Additionally, when it comes to Jesus, He is not a…