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Tuesday; October 3

Through the years I have been called upon to try to find the words that are fitting for some pretty somber occasions.  During funerals, I have searched for ways to console families who have lost a loved one much too soon.  I have stood on the front porch in the darkness of the early morning hours holding the news of a tragic death in my hands knowing that the words of a death notification were about to change a person’s life forever.  I have tried to find the words to bring peace to co-workers in the midst of tragedy.  I have stood up in front of congregations and tried to bring peace in the aftermath of a bomb planted in the Federal Building in Oklahoma City or the flying bombs that ripped apart our nation on September 11 2001.  In a sense, a part of my ministry has been about finding the right words.  Now, as I look at my computer keyboard in the wake of Sunday night’s tragedy in Las Vegas, I am dry – I’ve got nothing.  I can’t explain what happened (other than to credit s…