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Monday; June 3

Several days ago I was thinking about the events of the past couple weeks and I was struck with a question – why me?I would imagine this is a pretty common question for people who experience sudden changes in their lives, but this came to me in a bit of a different way – why was I blessed in the way that I was blessed?The way the events of the past several days unfolded were highly unusual, but the result was more than I could have expected.Things worked out well – exceedingly well.As I processed through these thoughts I was led back to something that someone(s) had recently said, “God must not be finished with you, yet.”.In essence, the events I experience could have been a reminder for me to refocus or an intervention to allow me to continue on a journey designed for me.(I wish the answer would have been provided to me in bright lights – but for now, I just need to accept that my purpose has been reconfirmed.) Why does God bless us in the way He does?Why does God poke and prod us?Why…