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Wednesday; September 26

Last week Jeane and I were booked to fly through Dallas but nature had a different plan.  On Friday the Dallas-Fort Worth airport was shut down by over seven inches of rain causing airlines to scramble with what to do with dozens of planes already in the air.  We (along with hundreds of our new-found friends) ended up with a bonus stop in San Antonio, Texas.  The next several hours were filled with angst, confusion, chaos and irritation.  As I look back at the event (through less emotionally-fueled lenses) the thing that stands out to me was the lack of communication.  I can’t blame the airport for shutting down, nor can I  fault the airlines for not being prepared – this was a historic event – but, I wish someone would have just communicated with me.  Something as simple as someone saying, “Here is what you need to do and here is where you need to stand” would have abated a lot of the issues that developed.  I knew they were overwhelmed and didn’t have all the answers, I ju…