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Tuesday; June 18

If I ever made a hole in one on a real golf course (not mini golf) there is one thing that everyone could say – “Man, that was a lucky shot!”.I am not good enough to plan and execute a hole in one, so it would have to be a fluke.Having said that, the other thing that could be said is that there is a very slim chance that it would ever happen again (and if it did, it would be luck compounded by luck). The reason for this discussion of my inept golf game is to make a point about the world in which we live.You see, there are a lot of people who look at the universe and attribute it to “luck”.According to some, it just so happened that everything lined up by accident and produced an incredibly fortuitous creation.And what is even harder to believe is that this act of happenstance keeps reproducing itself day-in-and-day-out.The sun rises each day in the east and it snows in Minnesota every winter.Gravity is consistent and the trees lose their leaves each fall.Wow – just imagine the odds of …