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Wednesday; June 26

What should we be doing with our lives?No, I am not talking about the general call to be faithful to God – my question has more to do with specific opportunities we have been given.Are we doing everything we should be doing to fulfill our potential or answer our calling? This can be a daunting question, so maybe we can make it a little easier by breaking it down into a few simpler questions: 1.Are there continuing opportunities we are have not capitalized on?Does it seem like we having this nagging compulsion that we should be doing something different in (or with) our lives?Does it seem like we just can’t seem to shake a need to be doing something more.Sure, we can ignore the feelings – but that doesn’t mean that they will go away! 2.Are there talents we aren’t using?Are there projects that seem to be continually presenting themselves to us?We didn’t do them yesterday, so they popped back up today?Maybe if we have to continue dismissing something on our radar, we should stop discounting…