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Friday; November 22

It was on a Friday fifty-six years ago that the history of our nation was changed.On November 22, 1963 President John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.This event touched our nation’s heart and set in motion a series of events that would define the years to come.I believe that advancement in things like space travel and civil rights legislation can trace a portion of their history through that moment in Dealey Plaza.Those gunshots ended a life, but from them a legacy was born. There was another Friday that changed history.In the springtime of the First Century Jesus was crucified.It can be argued that this is the darkest day in the history of mankind, but in spite of loss of life an incredible legacy began.The events that produced the crucifixion of Jesus put into motion what would become Christianity and would bring about salvation.The day of Jesus’ death was the ultimate Black Friday, but what happened three days later reversed the negative consequences of Jesus’ dea…