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Wednesday; December 20

I try to stay pretty positive (and, at times, Pollyannaish) during my daily postings, but every-once-in-a-while I get the urge to venture into something a bit deeper and today is one of those days.  I have been doing some studying on the Ten Commandments and I have recently been thinking about the one prohibiting adultery.  Folks, we don’t talk a whole lot about sexual sin these days, but this is one that needs to be discussed.  Simply put, adultery is a sexual relationship between two people when at least one of the people is married to another person.  In essence, it is a violation of the sexual exclusivity of marriage.  Sometimes we have a tendency to muddy the waters in our discussions of “peripheral” definitions of adultery … but, honestly, we have our hands full with this classic definition.  If there is a direct message in this missive, it is this – don’t do it!  Adultery is a violation of God’s law and the trust of the marriage relationship.  While adultery is a sin that can s…