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Thursday; February 15

What does it mean to have a successful meeting?  The answer to this rather straightforward question might be a bit less crystal clear.  Often, when we declare that a meeting accomplished its purpose, what we really mean is that we came to a conclusion.  Whether it was in unanimous agreement, by majority vote or merely the boss saying this is the way it is going to be – the success of a meeting is often determined by identifying an issue, coming to a decision, then moving on.  Yet, is that really what meetings are all about – decisions? There are times when the value of the discussion is exactly that – the discussion.  Just because we don’t come up with a decision doesn’t mean that we have failed and, conversely, the fact that we put a topic to rest doesn’t mean that we accomplished something productive.  (Just ask a group that is continually railroaded into a decision by an overbearing participant or a spouse who merely gives in to protect the unity or safety of the family.)  Often, th…