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Tuesday; July 23

Have you ever thought much about what makes a leader?There are a lot of books and seminars out there that promote leadership – and sometimes I wonder if we have forgotten just how simple a concept it really is.John C. Maxwell defines leadership as “influence”.Leaders are people who have the ability to help others move to the next level of development.They guide us, support us, train us and help us stay accountable on our journey.They do not do what they do to achieve their own goal (that would be manipulators) nor do they merely work to achieve the bottom-line of an organization (those would be managers).Leaders are the people who help us to be the most we can be! While defining leadership can be rather simple, becoming a leader is something that takes direction and purpose.Sure, some people have a magnetic personality, but that isn’t what makes them a leader – leaders have a humble understanding of who they are and have an appreciation for who others can become.They are able to contro…