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Thursday; September 26

Spending as much time as I have in Texas I think it is a requirement to be a Nolan Ryan fan.  Throughout the years, I have been fascinated by Ryan’s ability on the baseball field so I recently purchased one of his biographies that gave me more of an insight into what made him a Hall of Fame pitcher.  What were some of the qualities that lead to his success – and how can they be translated into lessons for us?  Let’s take a look: 1.  Talent.  The first thing that stands out with Ryan is his natural ability – he could throw the baseball hard and he could throw it hard for a long period of time.  Success begins with ability.  What talent have we been given that makes us “world-class”?  Let’s remember that not everyone has the same talent, so let’s find out what makes us special (even if it appears to be unique). 2.  Hard Work.  Nolan had a strong right arm, but it was his training regiment that kept him in the game for decades.  He worked hard and he worked out even harder.  Natural abilit…