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Wednesday; January 17

Last week I was involved in a couple of situations where I felt the need – as a leader – to step up and take some action.  Over the last few days I have reflected on my actions and I am still don’t know if I responded appropriately.  Now, during my own efforts of wrestling with my own personal response, I was reminded of a lesson of leadership.  While leaders will be called upon to make decisions in the heat of the moment, what makes them effective is not in reacting to an incident, rather in responding to the people involved in the incident.  Once the emotional matter is put to rest are we willing to regroup and move forward?  When control has been regained are we committed to practicing forgiveness, building (or repairing) bridges, providing training and providing encouragement?  Often, the toughest job is not dealing with the conflict, it is pulling the pieces together in an effort to move onward and upward. When the Apostle Paul gave some inspired parental advice he wrote, “Fathers…