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Thursday; December 6

Harold and Lillian Michelson were part of the Hollywood establishment for decades – but there is a good chance that most of us have never heard of them.  Both Harold and Lillian worked in the background to create some of our favorite movies, but they were close enough to Tinseltown to be influenced by its glitz, glamour and temptations and that is what makes their 60-plus year marriage so incredible.  In an interview about what helped them stay together Lillian noted, ”The challenges that one has to overcome, I think is, making the other person feel that you are really vital to the partner’s life, in every sense, and that – there is no enemy there.  Even if you fight, there is no enemy there.  We were a team.”.            As I reflected on this observation I was touched by the commitment required to make a multi-decade marriage last, but it also offered me an insight into how we should approach all of our relationships.  Sure, when we are involved in any type of substantial …