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Thursday; January 2

I had originally intended to post this on New Year’s Eve, but those plans were interrupted by some thoughts about the recent church shooting.  Even if these thoughts might not be as timely on January 2, I still think they are worth considering so please bear with me.
          What is the most poignant lesson you learned from 2019?  Typically, when we get to this time of year, we look forward to New Year’s Resolutions, but there is value in  taking a look back at the old year’s revelations.  2019 will be known for some significant historical events, but I encourage us to reflect on its personal importance.           As I look back on 2019, there are two things that really stand out to me.  Not only did I turn 60, I also had a pretty significant medical procedure midway through the year.  Even though I won’t dwell on either one of these, I can’t leave 2019 without reflecting on the significance of the events.  As I consider these (and the other aspects of the past year) one of my takeawa…