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Tuesday; January 16

Last week I saw words written and heard words spoken in public that are an embarrassment to our society.  Now before you think of me as partisan, please hear me out because I am about to paint with a broad bush.  First of all, there was an accusation that a “naughty” word was used in a meeting involving some of our elite politicians.  If it is true and that word was used, shame on them.  Folks, I have heard a lot of bad language in my jobs so it wasn’t my innocent ears that were violated – rather, it was that my consciousness for brotherhood and propriety was shocked.  Sure, I have heard similar language, but it was in bars at 2:00 a.m., not coming from a meeting attended by people who are supposed to be figuring out how to elevate the quality of life for “all men who are created equal”.  Yes, I have heard that phrase used before, but it has no place in a public meeting discussing the living conditions of fellow human beings.  Now, having said that, it would have been bad enough had t…