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Friday; June 7

The other day I sat down at the desk in my home office and had to face a harsh reality – it was filled with clutter.For the last several weeks I would work on something, then set it over in one pile.I would wind up a cord and set it in another part of the desk.I had sticky notes (some active, some obsolete) pasted all over my desk.It was a mess and it was a bit overwhelming, but there was one more thing about it … it needed to be cleared!I was going to be using my home office for a while, so I had to do something about the mess.I couldn’t live with it, I couldn’t ignore it, so I just had to take the time to get my workspace in order. I am sure that many people can relate to my desk, but there is another lesson that can be learned from my clutter – how many of us life with clutter in our lives?Emotional clutter can come in a variety of forms:holding a grudge against one person, being envious of another person, never really completely thinking through a solution to this problem or feelin…