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Tuesday; June 5

The other day I walked by a container that proclaimed their business was home to the world’s best coffee.  This claim got me to wondering – “Says who?”.  Was there a competition based upon some empirical criteria that awarded the title?  Did the International Coffee Consortium hold a summit and make this decision?  Was there a worldwide vote to decide the outcome?  No, I assume that someone decided to make this their advertising slogan, so they just started writing it on their stuff.  Honestly, I haven’t had any of their coffee, so I can’t judge the beverage’s quality, but whether I liked it or not, does that make it the best?  Many places have advertising slogans that are hyperboles at best, but may more likely be wishful thinking.  I am okay with these types of claims because I don’t take them seriously.  It is kind of like me wearing a “World’s Best Grampa” T-shirt – it sounds cool even if it isn’t the truth.  I do have a problem; however, when people make claims that have serious …