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Monday; April 16

Late Saturday afternoon I participated in the suburban sport known as “speed mowing”.While I can’t speak for everyone, I think that most of us are familiar with the game that has its roots in precipitation and procrastination.As I was finishing up my supper I looked outside and realized my lawn needed some attention.When I took a glance at my schedule and the weather forecast I realized that unless I got right on the task, by the time I got around to it I was going to have to bail my grass or rent it out for pasture.I hurried through my supper, asked Alexia how much time I had before sundown and headed out the door.I hustled to get the job done before I ran out of natural light.(I think it would have looked silly to mount a flashlight on my mower, butsometimes a guy has to do what a guy has to do.)I have to admit that Alexia is pretty smart because she was right on point and I finished as the last streams of light faded into the horizon. While I was happy to get my grass mowed, it got …