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Friday; December 8

One of the most important things to me is trust.  I am pretty free when granting trusts to others and have a tendency to be willing to offer trust based on a faith that people are going to do the right thing.  However, when someone violates my trust, I have a hard time forgetting.  I typically don’t have as much trouble forgiving them for their violation, I just become a bit more guarded when re-extending trust once it has been broken.  The reason for this personal revelation is to explain why being a Christian seems so natural to me.  I readily trust God.  I believe in His claims. I am convinced of His presence in our world and in my life.  I know that He will always be there with me and for me.  The great thing about my trust in God is that since He is perfect and dependable, it is impossible for Him to let me down.  As long as my trust is based on what God has said about Himself, He cannot and will not violate my trust in Him. King David was a man who trusted God with everything – h…