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Tuesday; April 10

I really like to travel.When I think about why I enjoy traveling, I think the thing that makes it special is getting to experience something new and different.Sure, I like to go back to those comfortable places (especially the ones that have white sands, clear water and palm trees), but there is something special about getting the chance to experience things that are new and different.Maybe it is a beautiful vista, a new taste treat or a historic site, but I really enjoy getting the chance to broaden my horizon. As I was thinking about this a few days I ago I got to thinking about how easy it is to get into a rut when it comes to spiritual living.When I pray, I tend to cover the same topics.When I set out to do good deeds, I usually rely upon the same talents I have used throughout the years.When I read inspirational material, I typically go back to those writers with whom I have always agreed.Sure, doing something is better than doing nothing, but what would happen if I tried to stret…