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Friday; September 6

Several things have happened over the last few weeks that have reminded us that words have meanings and consequences.Things have been said in jest or in a flippant manner – even on a national stage – that have carried with them some unintended consequences and have even had some hurtful meanings.Now, typically, this discussion introduces us to some inappropriate racial comment, or a derogatory word used to describe a person’s gender or sexual preference; but I want to put a little different spin on it.You see, while it has become taboo to make certain comments, it somehow seems to be okay to deride others and be shocked when they take offense to it.Many people think nothing of calling someone “phobic” when they profess a belief that certain lifestyles are unscriptural.Others attribute a person’s success to “privilege” while discounting a life lived with hard work and purpose.Some people are quick to call others “prejudiced” when it is merely a difference of opinion separating conflict…