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Wednesday; May 22

Last November, Polly Crews passed away at the age of 93 years old.  On the surface there isn’t really much newsworthy in this observation – but, it is what lies beneath the story of the Crews family that is remarkable.  Prior to her death Polly was recognized as the oldest living “Gold Star Mother” in Florida.  If you aren’t familiar with this organization – it has one of the toughest initiations – you become qualified for a Gold Star Mother when you lose a child in battle.  Unfortunately, Polly’s initiation was paid on May 22, 1969 when her son, Robert, was killed in Vietnam.
         I have been blessed to know the Crews family most of my life.  They have been special to us throughout the years for a variety of reasons, but there are two that stand out to me:  The first is service.  Bobby’s death In Vietnam was the result of a seed that was planted in the Crews children early in their lives.  They have always been willing to “go the extra mile” in taking care of the people …