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Wednesday; March 28

Who are our heroes?  Maybe a better question is why do we pick the heroes we pick?  Is it because they make a lot of money or because they have amassed power?  Do we like personalities because they can sing well or because they can throw a ball with pinpoint accuracy?  What makes the best heroes?  As I thought about what makes hero material I came upon a few qualities: 1.  They need to have good moral characteristics.  It is okay to be a fan of the accomplishments of someone who has athletic or entertainment skills, but that shouldn’t make them worthy of our “following”.  Let’s find people who exemplify what is truly important. 2.  They should have proven themselves over a long period of time.  I grow weary of the trend to anoint overnight superstars.  It’s great to recognize someone’s short-term prowess, but before we elevate them to “hero” status, let’s make sure they are along for the long-term. 3.  They should be willing to use their “gifts” to help others.  People who are self-center…