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Monday; January 29

Why did God create the such beautiful flowers and amazing wildlife?  I think it is easy to understand why God created mankind, but when it comes to things like birds and flowers, why did He invest His creative energy in them?  Sure, a case might be made for them being sustenance for humans, but even that answer begs the question, “Why did He create such beautiful plants and such eye-catching animals?”.  If sustenance were the issue, a bland green plant and an ugly bird would serve the purpose just fine.           I don’t profess to know the wisdom of God, but one answer might be to remind us of His Awesome Power.  Let me see if I can explain.  When we see a beautiful rose or an amazing orchid, it gets our attention doesn’t it!  When we see the flash of a blue jay, the intense red of a cardinal or the regal coloring of a pheasant it has the ability to stop us in our tacks.  We see things that are appealing to us.  When we notice these creations it can serve as a reminder of ju…