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Monday; April 1

Have you noticed how easy it is to find a book or an article that promotes our opinion?  While this can make us feel comfortable, does it do us all that much good?  Rereading and reviewing something we already believe might help reinforce an opinion, but what happens when we attempt to see something from another opinion or learn something knew?  John C. Maxwell considered this concept when he wrote, “You cannot analyze what you don’t know.  However, the moment you discover something new, our thinking goes to a deeper level.”.  In essence, we shouldn’t be afraid to be to be exposed to something new – we should embrace the emotional and mental challenge.  No, we mustn’t believe everything we read nor all the new ideas that are postulated, but neither should we seek to insulate ourselves from the unknown or ideas we dislike. The wise man of Ecclesiastes warns us, “But beyond this, my son, be warned: the writing of many books is endless, and excessive devotion to books is wearying to the b…