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Monday; July 10

When I was a youngster in Bible School we used to sing a song that advocated, “Red and yellow, black and white they are precious in His sight”.  In all honestly, I am not sure that those words would be accepted in today’s political correctness, but that doesn’t diminish the power of their thought.  It doesn’t matter our race, we all have value because we are people loved by God.           As I thought about this song, it got me to thinking about how we can develop relationships across ethnic and cultural lines.  This noble effort can’t be reduced to a couple of paragraphs on social media, but here are a few suggestions. 1.  We can listen with empathy.  The truth is that there are differences between people in today’s world.  No matter how hard I try, I cannot know what it feels like to be an African-American woman.  Yet, what I can do is listen with empathy as she explains the struggles of her life.  Whether I agree about how she feels is a moot point – by trying to understand…