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Thursday; May 3

I have a fish tank that allows my three Bettas (Larry, Darrell and Darrell) to live in the same structure, but remain hidden from each other – well sort of.When I go to feed the fish, I believe that one of the Darrell’s can sort of see that the other Darrell is getting fed and he will linger over on that side of the tank even after I put his food in his tank.I have to tap on the side of the tank where his food is floating to help him refocus and eat.I get the impression that he is so interested in what is going on in the other Darrell’s tank that he can’t enjoy his own food. I have been told that the brain of a fish is pretty small – which explains their inability to process “blessings”, but are we guilty of the same malady as Darrell?Are we so worried (or consumed) by what happens to the people around us that we fail to realize what is going on with us?Are we envious of the blessings that others are receiving and end up missing out on what we have been given?Are we so concerned about …