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Friday; April 6

Okay ... so, it has been almost a week since the Easter weekend ended – how is your spiritual life going?Many of us do a pretty good job of focusing on the life and teaching of Jesus while the world around us is discussing His death, burial and resurrection, but what happens when the crosses come down?Are we still convicted to the cause of Christ or are we back to our old ways – focused on the secular? One of the challenges of defining a “Holy Week” is that it tends to reduce the other 51 weeks as being less “holy”.We are more willing to expect less spirituality from others and demand less godliness from ourselves.Yet, when Jesus called people to be His disciples He didn’t recruit them for a week or a season, but He demanded their obedience for a lifetime – 24/7 each and every day! Before we get to far away from Easter I would like to challenge us all to keep a constant watch on our lives as we keep our eye on the life of the One who died for our sins and was raised for our sa…