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Friday; May 25

Graduation is a busy time of year that provokes diverse emotions.For graduating seniors, it is a time of completion, a moment of relief, a time of reflection, a period of sadness (for the ending of childhood and childhood friendships) and a time of excitement for a great big world just waiting for the taking.Sure, leaving home and moving on to a job or advanced education can be scary, but it is also filled with optimism. While graduation can be an exciting time for those who have completed High School, sometimes I think about those who didn’t graduate.The thrill of accomplishment is not experienced by everyone.I wonder how they feel when they don’t get to walk across the stage and receive their diploma?I imagine the emotion may be just as complex as their graduating neighbors – fear over their future, bitterness toward those who they feel are to blame for their failures, disappointment in not completing the goal, frustration over a lost opportunity.No, not everyone who doesn’t graduat…