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Friday; May 4

A few months ago I bought a Fitbit.I had begun working out regularly and was interested in how my workouts and lifestyle was influencing my health.Over the next several weeks I was fascinated by what the device could track and how I could use the features to monitor or adjust my daily activities.Well, about a month ago I stopped paying much attention to my Fitbit – using it, primarily, as a glorified watch.I rarely check my exercise status and pay very little attention to the applications that I once found fascinating.Why the change?I stopped working out.About a month ago I allowed “life” get in the way of my physical fitness, so not only did I find the health and wellness tracker useless, it also became a guilt-ridden reminder of what I wasn’t doing! Whenwas the last time we spent quality time with our Bibles?It doesn’t matter if we have the old-school paper books or a spiffy app on our device; how much time do we spend with it?Too often, when we begin to lose focus on our spiritual l…