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Friday; October 18

I was recently faced with a challenging situation.This was one of those issues where there was not a clear and correct answer.Each option had positive and negative points.In an effort to gain insight I was encouraged to go out and solicit the opinions of several people I trusted.I am still not sure where I fall on the issue, but I did learn something about complicated decision-making: 1.To gain the best advice, present all sides of the discussion.During my quest, it was tempting to merely tell people of the positive points that supported my position at the time (which vacillated from time to time).I came to realize that if I wanted the best advice, I’d better present things in the most unbiased way possible. 2.Emotions don’t add to clarity.I wish I could be free from emotional entanglement, but I understand that even Mr. Spock struggled with this this.It became very apparent to me that emotions were steering me one way or another.While I wasn’t able to become fully Vulcanized, I did bec…