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Tuesday; September 4

If there were an Emotional Olympic Games I would be able to participate in the decathlon, but if I were to have to narrow my expertise into two areas:  “pouting” and “taking things personally”.  I am a world-class pouter and have been known to mope around for days and weeks.  Yet, if there is one thing at which I excel, it would probably be taking things personally.  I am an expert at internalizing people’s comments, over-analyzing non-verbal signs and critiquing people’s general comments to the point that I am sure they are talking directly at me.  I have a tendency to be thin-skinned and it has cost me way too much personal peace.           When it comes to over-personalizing things, I know that I am doing it, I just need to do commit to being better.  So with that, here are some suggestions (for me and maybe you can apply them, too): 1.  Stop eavesdropping on people’s conversations.  There are times I become defensive when I overhear what one person says to another.  In my …